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Have you lost that youthful fullness to your cheeks? Voluma™ is a great way to add volume and create a beautifully shaped cheek. Your cheek shape will be maintained for one to 2 years on average.

Voluma FAQs

When is JUVÉDERM Voluma used?
Voluma from JUVÉDERM is the first and only FDA-approved non-surgical option to target age-related volume loss in the cheek area. It helps to restore mid face and cheek volume, as well as a more youthful curve and position in the higher area of the cheekbones.

How much do JUVÉDERM Voluma treatments cost?
Dermal filler injections, such as JUVÉDERM Voluma, vary based on many different factors, including your provider’s experience, the time required for treatment, the number of syringes necessary to achieve the desired results and your geographical location. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that these fillers average $682 per syringe, with many patients requiring multiple syringes.

How do I find the best provider for JUVÉDERM Voluma near me?
When choosing a provider for dermal injections, you want to find someone that is experienced with these injections and performs them on a regular basis. Ask to see before and after photos so you can get an idea of the results you can expect after treatment. Find a provider that listens to your questions and addresses your concerns.

Am I a good candidate for a JUVÉDERM Voluma?
Ideal candidates for Voluma are over the age of 21 and in good general health. Voluma is generally safe. However, if you have allergies to other hyaluronic products, you should avoid these dermal filler injections.

What happens during JUVÉDERM Voluma treatments?
The injections typically take under 30 minutes and you can be back to your normal activities immediately. You may experience some minimal bruising and swelling, but this usually disappears within a couple of days.

Are the injections painful?
Voluma injections have local anesthesia mixed into the syringe to help reduce any feelings of discomfort. Most patients experience mild discomfort, similar to a pinch, as the injections occur. Mild tenderness may occur at the injection sites, but this should go away with a couple days.

Are there any possible risks with JUVÉDERM Voluma?
Dermal filler injections, such as JUVÉDERM Voluma, are a safe and minimally invasive treatment option. However, as with most procedures, there is the possibility of injection site reactions and include:
• Tenderness
• Swelling
• Firmness or lumps
• Bruising
• Redness or discoloration
• Itching

How long will my Voluma results last?
Everyone responds differently to dermal fillers, but it is typical for JUVÉDERM Voluma results to last up to 18 to 24 months. At this point, repeat injections can help you maintain your fuller, youthful appearance.

How is JUVÉDERM Voluma different from other dermal fillers?
While Voluma is similar to other dermal fillers in how it is used, the proprietary Vycross technology used in Voluma provides a smoother and more natural filling appearance, doing away with the ‘overdone’ or ‘fake’ appearance often seen with other dermal fillers. This technology also offers less swelling and pain during injections. But the major benefit is that Voluma lasts up to 2 years instead of the typical 1 year results seen with other dermal filler options.