Tattoo removal! I had a very small ring tattooed on my ring finger when I was married in 1998. Divorced in 2012, and in 2015 I decided to explore having it removed. It was quite small, and only black.

I met with one office, who estimated $1500 for my .25″x1.25″ one color tattoo, no thank you.

I then met with Dr Small and a nurse, who explained the process and cost – several visits and no promises for 100% removal, but it would be much less visible. I could buy several visits at a slightly discounted rate, at the time under $400 and assess later if I would need more visits.

I had 3 laser treatments, each 6 weeks apart. I used their numbing cream prior to each, which helped with the pinching feeling, like a rubber band snap. I saw results after the first visit and it is now over a year since my last visit. I see very little shadow of my previous tattoo, and only because I know it was there.

I had a good experience and would recommend them highly for tattoo removal – it’s not a highly advertised service, so I hope others in need of tattoo removal find this review helpful.