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Preparing for Surgery

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Most surgical procedure will require testing and a pre-operative clearance from your primary care physician. This testing can include bloodwork, EKGs, Chest X-Rays, COVID swabs, and Mammograms. At your pre-operative appointment, Dr. Small will determine which testing will be needed. You will be given prescriptions for all necessary testing. If you are in need of a medical clearance for surgery, please be sure to give your primary care physician a call to schedule an appointment. Most offices will require you to be seen to review your testing results and make sure you are healthy enough for anesthesia.

You will be given prescriptions for medications after your surgery. Please be sure to pick them up from your pharmacy prior to your procedure so that we may answer any questions you may have.

Most over the counter medications can cause bleeding and bruising after surgery. We ask that if you are taking non-prescription medications or supplements, you stop taking them two weeks prior and one week after your surgery. This list is not all inclusive. Please let us know if you are taking over the counter supplements or medications that are not on this list.

These drugs should be avoided for at least two weeks prior to surgery:

Aspirin Coricidin Momentum
Ibuprofen Dristan Motrin
A.S.A. Enseals Multivitamins
Fish Oil Dulcin Mysteclin
Advil                              Duradgyne     Naprosyn      
Anacin Duradyne Forte Nuprin
(Arthritis Pain Formula)         Duragesic Oraflex
Ascriptin Ecotrin Pabirin
Aspergin Empirin Vitamin E
Aspergum Endgep Persantine
Bayer aspirin                 Ettatrong Robaxisal
BC Tablet & Powder Excedrin Sal-Payne capsule
Bufferin 4-Way Cold Tabs Sine-Off
Buffmol Goody’s Extra Stanback tabs.
Cama  Indocin Ibuprofen Tagamet
Capron capsules Triaminicin Trigesic
Chlor-Tnmeton Measurin Ursinus
Clinoril Metabolife Vanquish caplet
Milian Vim Med