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3 Tips for after Your Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

You have made the decision to have an eyelid lift and the big day is coming up! Now is the time to think about what happens and how best to recover after facial plastic surgery. While following your post-op instructions is a must, these three tips are designed to help you mentally prepare and makeRead More

Can’t You Just Remove a Tattoo at Home with Salt?

The answer, in short, is NO! While you may see stories online about tattoo removal with a mixture of salt and water, this practice not only does not remove the tattoo, but also increases your risk of skin damage, infection and permanent scarring. When it comes to saying goodbye to a tattoo, laser tattoo removalRead More

For a Better Cosmetic Surgery Consult, Watch What You Wear

There’s a lot to think about before your cosmetic surgery consultation. You’ll need to consider the questions you’ll want to ask, all of the information you need to get and, of course, details of the surgery itself. The last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out what to wear. Take clothing offRead More

Should You Start Getting BOTOX® in Your 20s, 30s or 40s?

BOTOX® has become one of the most popular wrinkle treatments currently available, but many people are unsure about when they should think about getting their first treatment. While the answer ultimately depends on your unique situation and goals, there are a few factors that go into deciding the best age to get BOTOX. What’s theRead More

Can You Have a Baby after Labiaplasty? Should You Wait until After?

While labiaplasty procedures are generally more common after pregnancy and childbirth, some women may consider having the surgery before having a baby or starting their family. In many of these cases, feelings of discomfort or even embarrassment are just some of the reasons they choose to not wait until after they are done having childrenRead More

A Look at the Pros & Cons of Your Breast Implant Options

When considering cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, you’ll want to take your time researching your options in order to get the best possible outcome. The decision isn’t always easy, so before you decide on which breast augmentation options to choose, take a look at our list of breast implant options pros and cons. SiliconeRead More

4 Tips for Better Liposuction Results

Liposuction is an investment in your body and in the figure you’ve always wanted. After surgery, you want to protect your investment by following these tips for better liposuction results. 1. Exercise Regularly If you’re a person who exercised regularly before your liposuction procedure, you’re already a step ahead of the game. While you will haveRead More