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Body Contouring

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You did the hard work by losing weight through diet and exercise or perhaps you had a weight loss procedure. Now that your at your goal weight body contouring might be an option for you. Body contouring can encompass essentially any aspect of your body that has excess skin. Typical areas that are of concern are the abdomen, thighs and upper arms. However, everyone is different and there might be other areas that are of concern to you such as your face (cheek and neck), breasts (in men and women), back and underarm areas or for some it might be a loss of fullness in the pubic area. Often these procedures require removing some of the excess skin while other areas may benefit from liposuction.

If any of these area are bothering you schedule a consultation with Dr. Small to discuss your options. Often several procedures can be performed at once to give you the most results with one procedure and one recovery.

Similary, recovery varies depending upon the procedure. Most procedures are performed in a surgical center with anesthesia as a same day surgery.

Contact us today and schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Small.