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Cheek / Chin Implants

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Cheek / Chin ImplantsChin or cheek implants can add definition to your face and create improved facial harmony with your other features. Both men and women are sometimes unhappy with a weak or recessive chin. A chin implant can balance your face so that you have a stronger jawline, while cheek implants can make your face both more attractive and younger looking.

Dr. Stephen Small approaches chin implant and cheek implant surgery with the goal of creating a natural look that improves your appearance without looking obvious. During your consultation, he will listen to how you wish to look and will make recommendations based on his knowledge of implants and how they create better facial symmetry and proportion. Together, you will decide upon the size and shape of your implant(s). To further refine your look, the doctor will use Vectra 3-dimensional imaging to demonstrate your “before and after” results.

The Cheek or Chin Implant Procedure

Check and chin implants are customized for you and are usually made of silicone. Your surgery will be performed using either general anesthesia or a local anesthetic along with IV sedation. It is an outpatient procedure, so you can go home the same day. Procedures often only take an hour to an hour and a half.

For cheek implants, the incisions can usually be made inside the mouth. A chin implant can be placed with an incision under your chin or inside your lower lip.
In order to obtain a natural look, you need an experienced surgeon like Dr. Small who understands the proper placement of facial implants.

Recovering from a Chin Implant or Cheek Implants

You will experience some soreness, bruising, and swelling for a week or two; most people take at least a week off from work. You can take pain medication and use cold compresses to ease discomfort, and keeping your head elevated will also make your recovery time easier.

Sutures inside the mouth or lower lip will dissolve on their own. If external sutures were used, Dr. Small will remove them within a few days after your surgery.
We will keep a close watch on your progress and will tell you everything you need to know to heal fast and well. This will include avoiding certain things like alcohol, contact lenses, hair dryers, curling irons, and exercise for a little while. You will also need to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks.

Complementary Procedures

Many people have rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in conjunction with a chin implant in order to create optimal facial proportion. Others have a facelift with cheek implants for an overall anti-aging effect.

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