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Ellevate NeckLiftEllevate™ is a new exciting option for a youthful lift to your neckline and jawline definition without major surgery or a long incision scar. At our practice we bring innovation, technical skill along with expertise to help you look your best. This is truly a Beverly Hills Neck Lift being offered by our practice.

What you can expect with Ellevate™:

• An immediate shaping and contouring of the neck
• Faster recovery than invasive surgery
• Return to normal activity in 3-5 days
• An office treatment done under local anesthesia
• Improved neckline that can last a lifetime
• Can be combined with other treatments

Dr. Small and his staff are truly amazing!! They are extremely helpful and willing to take the time to sit down and speak with you. You feel comfortable speaking with them and asking them questions. I will go back to Dr. Small for any other procedure that I ever need done again and would recommend him in a heart beat. His work is also amazing too. Thank you Dr. Small and your staff for taking the time to talk to your patients and listening to their needs.
by Michele S.

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What is the Ellevate™ procedure actually doing?

With aging the neck skin and muscles become lax. This gives your neck the appearance of loose sagging skin and often bands along the front of the neck as the muscle become lax. Ellevate™ is a technique of supporting the neckline using an innovative technology, a light guided suture which has been around for about 10 years. The technique works well in the hands of an expert. This approach along with the expertise of Dr. Small, a board certified plastic surgeon, allows the accurate placement of the sutures to rejuvenate your neckline.

The Ellevate™ technique is performed in our Toms River office and takes Dr. Small about an hour to an hour and a half to perform. This is all done under local anesthesia. Your neck is shaped immediately and you can expect several days of some mild bruising and swelling. We like to say you will have about 3-5 days of downtime.

Your result will look natural while improving your neckline with a minimally invasive treatment. This treatment is personalized for you and often other noninvasive options can be combined to help you look your best for your age.

If you are interested in Ellevate™ give us a call today?