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Facelift / Natural Lift / Mini-liftWhen we reach our 40’s or 50’s, the face in the mirror begins to look different. The skin on the face and neck becomes lax and begins to sag, while that youthful fullness – especially around the cheeks – starts to diminish. A facelift can correct these signs of aging, and can make that face in the mirror look more like the person you remember.

Dr. Small has many years of experience providing his patients with successful facelifts that look natural and not obvious. A facelift can contour the lower two-thirds of your face so that the jowls, chin, and cheeks are tighter and more youthful looking.

If you are only beginning to show a few signs of aging, a liquid facelift might be an option for you. This is a non-surgical approach using injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Of course, a liquid facelift is temporary and must be repeated, while a surgical facelift can last as long as a decade. Dr. Small will discuss these options with you during your consultation so that you can make the right decision for you.

The Facelift Procedure

You will be either under a local anesthetic with sedation or general anesthesia during your facelift. Dr. Small will discuss this with you during your consultation, but in most cases, general anesthesia isn’t necessary.

While every case is different, the average facelift takes about two hours. There are a number of techniques that Dr. Small might employ depending on your anatomy and how you want to look after your facelift.

In a traditional facelift, the incision is made behind the hairline and ends behind the earlobes. Dr. Small then removes excess skin and tissue and redrapes it for a more youthful look.

In some cases, smaller incisions can be made in what is called a “mini-facelift.” Dr. Small’s goal is always to make the surgery as easy for you as he can while also giving you the best possible outcome.

One day i had on reading glasses and i just happened to glance in a mirror, I was shocked at how old I looked. I started looking on line at ways I could look younger. I was so overwhelmed at all the stuff out there between fillers and procedures and Botox wow! I made an appointment with Dr. Small. When I met him he was so sweet and kind with a beautiful smile. I felt very comfortable with him and he helped me make my decision to get a facelift.I never had any kind of surgery before so I was a little nervous. His staff is awesome they keep things moving all the way to the operating room. There are a few hoops that need jumping through like blood work and EKG but its for your own well being and they made it very easy.Well let me just say that 5 stars is not enough for Dr. Small! He is truly a gifted talented and knowledgeable surgeon. I got way beyond what I expected. His detail is as good as it gets, he is highly skilled at his craft.He made me look 10 years younger I could not be happier.I am so grateful for Dr. Small. I can not thank you enough. I love it! So if anyone is looking for a surgeon you found him , He has it it all hes the one you want. My husband loves him too he said anyone who could make me smile the way I have been smiling is a rockstar! thank you thank you thank you
by Michele K.

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Recovering from a Facelift

Recovering from a facelift takes 10-14 days in most cases. Like with most surgeries, you will feel a bit sore and have some swelling, numbness, and bruising. You can take pain medication, apply cold compresses, and keep your head elevated to make your healing time easier.

Dr. Small will keep a close watch on your progress and will tell you everything you need to know to heal fast and well. This will include avoiding certain things like alcohol, hair dryers, curling irons, and exercise for a little while. You will also need to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks.

You will look better pretty quickly, but a facelift takes months to “settle.” This means that you will continue to look even better for a period of time before you see the final outcome of your surgery.

Complementary Procedures with Facelift

While a facelift can improve the look of the neck around the jowls and chin, you might have more skin laxity lower on the neck. In that case, a neck lift can be performed simultaneously with your facelift.

If your forehead and/or the area around your eyes is starting to age, a brow lift or eyelid surgery can be done in conjunction with your facelift for a full face makeover.

Dr. Small sometimes recommends injectables such as dermal fillers or Botox shortly after a facelift to take care of any remaining fine lines and wrinkles.

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