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Lip Augmentation

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Lip AugmentationLips are a sign of beauty, youth and sensuality. Whether you are looking to enhance your lips of restore the youthful beauty that has been lost with age there are many options.

The most common options for lip enhancement are fillers or your own natural body fat to plump up your lips. A filler procedure takes about 15 minutes and can restore that youthful fullness for approximately 6 months to one year.

There are more permanent solutions such as lip lifts or implants. Consultation with the doctor will determine which is the best option for you.

Lip enhancement is great for lips that are thinning with the normal aging process and have lost that youthful fullness. Additionally, lip augmentation can provide better balance to the face complimenting many other procedures.

Commonly women seeking lip augmentation have fillers for deeper fold of the face as well as Botox for forehead, eyebrow and crows feet areas.