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Vbeam Red spots/ Rosacea

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What is Vbeam and its treatments?

VBeam is a vascular laser that treats vessels. The VBeam uses a specific wavelength, 595nm, which produces a yellow color that is selectively absorbed by the blood vessels in the skin. The blood vessels are closed with the treatment which makes them go away.
VBeam can treat almost any blood vessel problem. It is stellar at treating the redness of rosacea and blood vessels along the cheeks of your face and the blood vessels around the nose. It is also great for treating the redness in scars helping them to diminish or go way. Significant bruising after surgery or from an accident can be heal and recover faster with VBeam. Also, small little red spots (hemaniomas and spider angiomas) can be treated as well. Some patients have warts on the fingers and feet which can be treated with the VBeam. Also, VBeam is good for treating patients with Psoriasis.

Here is a List of Conditions treated by VBeam:

Indications where purpura is a desired endpoint:

What is the treatment like?

The VBeam treatments are quick. A typical facial treatment takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. There is no downtime so you can resume your activities right away.

There might be some slight redness or swelling after treatment but this goes away quickly. Also, certain conditions are treated with the endpoint of Purpura (see above) with the VBeam. Purpura is a treatment effect of VBeam for these conditions and looks like a bruise. If your condition is treated and Purpura is seen it might take 3-5 days for this to go away.