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The Y-zone™ is the area of your face with all the expressive features you see when looking at someone; the eyes, upper cheeks and lips. If these areas are sunken or develop deep folds and lines it gives you an aged appearance, a tired look, the impression of being angry or sad. Adding volume and softening these wrinkle lines will restore the Y-zone™ to a youthful appearance. We offer several treatments to enhance and restore a youthful look to the Y-zone.

What is Youth-Fill™ or Y-Fill™

Your adipocytes (fat) are used to give a natural fill to smooth sunken contours around the eyes, cheeks and lips. The adipocytes are obtained with a microliposuction cannula from another area of your body. The amount removed typically doesn’t leave a contour change like regular liposuction. When used to treat the facial Y-zone we call this process Y-Filling. In addition to softening folds; wrinkles lines are treated with Y-Fill™ or laser to give you an even more rejuvenated look.

Can I have other treatments with Y-Fill™ ?

Yes. Y-Fill™ can address many signs of aging in the Y-zone but often there are other concerns you might see. For example, if you have an uneven complexion from roughened skin texture, fine lines or scars then a laser or Morpheus8 treatment might be recommended to even your complexion.

If you have a sagging cheek and neck skin then a lift along with the Y-Fill™ will add to your overall complete rejuvenation.

Additionally, the adipocytes can be removed to create Nanofat. Nanofat is the substance of microliposuction which contains the matrix and cells for skin regeneration. This Nanofat can be then combined with many cosmentic treatments to enhance results. Specifically, nanofat improves thinning skin, pigmentary changes of the skin and improves scars.

What to expect:

This treatment can specifically restore youthful volume and fullness to features that have lost volume over time. During your consultation we want to look at photographs when you were younger, your 20’s-30’s, for a personalized rejuvenation which will be different for everyone.

The treatment:

This is typically an office-based procedure which can be performed in a hour or two. Recovery is about 3-5 days and the results can last years unlike fillers.