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IPL Photofacial

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Intense Pulsed Light Treatments (Photofacials)

Photofacials are a nice way to lessen brown spots (pigment problems), red spots, and treat acne. These treatments are a great non-invasive way to lessen or eliminate these common complexion conditions. Photofacial treatments work by using intense light with several hundred wavelengths which are specific to the problem being treated-red and brown spots, acne and hair removal. Treatments take about 20 minutes and are usually performed as a series of three treatments at monthly intervals. The best option for you might be one or a combination of treatments to maximize your results.

The Consultation

At your consultation Dr. Small will listen to your concerns and discuss your treatment options with you. Advanced 3 dimensional imaging is often used to demonstrate the degree of sun damage, redness (hypervascularity) and help explain a full facial analysis to better address your concerns. Based on your evaluation and discussion a specific treatment plan will provided to you.

Dr. Stephen E. Small, D.O. is a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in cosmetic, laser and reconstructive plastic surgery located in Ocean County, NJ.