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Picoway Brown Spot Removal

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Add to your skin’s beauty with a PicoWay® treatment. This is a whole new way to eliminate brown spot blemishes and age spots while giving your skin a smooth, soft, even tone. Older and younger skin can be rejuvenated so you can look your best. It is truly new beauty at the speed of light.

We are the first to offer this groundbreaking treatment in New Jersey and one of a few practices to offer pico technology in New Jersey.

PicoWay® is a revolutionary picosecond laser which delivers laser light in a picosecond or one trillionth of a second. What this means for the beauty of your skin is fast, effective, safer treatment.

PicoWay® works by giving you a fractional treatment but in a completely new and incredible way. The PicoWay® ultrafast picolaser light beam is holographical fractionated (separated) to rejuvenate your skin. We call this treatment PicoResolve®.

This treatment can be individualized to treat brown blemishes at different levels in your skin. Some are at the top of the skin like sun spots and freckles while others such as melasma and post inflammatory darkening are in the second layer. The result is the melanocytes which cause brown blemishes are fragmented instantly.

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PicoResolve® treats sun damage, freckles, moles, brown growths (keratosis), difficult hyperpigmentation and melasma

The body naturally eliminates the melanin that was released during a treatment. The result is beautiful skin with a more even tone and color. Most treatments require a series of treatments (about 3-4) with a 6-8 week interval between treatments.

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