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Nanogenesis™ with NanoFat

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Nanogenesis™ is the result of using NanoFat to stimulate skin regeneration. Adipocytes (fat) have many regenerative qualities and it is not limited to just stem cells. It has been discovered that all the unique cells (stem cells, blood vessel cells, skin structure cells- mesenchymal and lymphatic cells to name a few) along with the matrix (the scaffold that supports these cells) can be obtained with microliposuction.

Microliposuction involves removing a small amount of fat from another area of the body while not typically creating a contour change. From this tissue a simple mechanical processing gives us the complex mixture of cells and support matrix that we call NanoFat.

What does NanoFat do?

The regenerative aspects of NanoFat has demonstrated improvements reversing some of the signs of sun damage and aging of the skin. These trophic changes are the thinning of the skin and pigment or coloring changes which show signs of improvement with NanoFat.

Additionally, scars have shown to be more pliable (softer) with NanoFat.

NanoFat has become an important component of our facial rejuvenation strategy. When we use NanoFat with other rejuvanting treatments given it’s regenerative potential we call this Nanogenesis™.

How is NanoFat used?

NanoFat is often combined with Y-Fill (microfat to youthfully augment the face), Morpheus RF creating a unique treatment of NanoNeedling, and laser skin treatments.

Which treatment(s) is best for you can be determined with an in person consultation and exam.