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Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™

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Regenerative Skin Aesthetics graphicRegenerative Skin Aesthetics™ at our practice harnesses the body’s natural ability to repair, restore and rejuvenate aged or damaged skin. Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ utilizes cells (from a simple blood draw) or skin matrix cells from adipose tissue (from a straightforward microfat sample) to obtain peptides, growth factors and cells to combine with our regenerative laser, radiofrequency or microneedling treatments. This combination of treatments allows us to uniquely harness the body’s regenerative capacity with safe, personalized treatments.

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™-Plasma

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™-Plasma is a proprietary combination of microneedling, platelet concentrated plasma and hyaluronic acid to improve skin fine lines, texture, and pores. Microneedling sets the stage with collagen induction while concentrated platelet plasma stimulates rejuvenation with growth factors. The hyaluronic acid fortifies the result with moisture and fullness to nourish and soften fine lines in the skin.

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™-Skin Matrix Stem Cells™

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™Skin Matrix Stem Cells™ is a proprietary combination of microneedling, skin stem cells and hyaluronic acid. This combination improves

What are Skin Matrix Stem Cells™-SMS?

Skin Matrix Stem Cells™ is obtained with a straightforward office treatment sampling of adipose tissue (fat) obtained with a microliposuction cannula to obtain microfat. This microfat is processed to allow the matrix of adipose stems cells, lymphocytes and endovascular cells which are combined with other regenerative treatments like microneedling, laser and radiofrequency treatments.

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™-Adipose Filler

Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™-Adipose Filler utilizes natural body fat as a regenerative filler to soften and volume to give a more youthful appearance. As a natural filler, adipose tissue (fat cells) allows a safe way to augment the skin with tissue that won’t reject or cause an allergic reaction. This natural filler augments and softens with your own tissue filler with the results maintaining at 50-70% one year and often lasting for years.

Your Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ Consultation

Your personalized Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ consultation will begin with a discussion of your treatment needs and goals. We will perform a skin evaluation to determine your skin’s texture and tone, and your specific aesthetic issues will be carefully examined.

We will then ask you questions regarding your complete medical history. Any current medications and herbal supplements will be discussed, as will any past treatments, allergies, and pre-existing health conditions. This will ensure that the chosen treatment option is safe for you and will not result in unwanted side effects.

Next, we will recommend the optimal Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ treatment option to achieve your cosmetic goals. This will include a customized treatment plan. We will go over the details of the treatment process, such as the specific aftercare required.

How Much Do Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ Treatments Cost?

To determine the cost of each patient’s Regenerative Skin Aesthetics™ treatment, we take a number of factors into consideration. The specific treatment option chosen has an impact on the total price, as does the number of treatment sessions required for optimal results.

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