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Vectra XT

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Vectra XT – See Your Post Op Result, Pre Op

Imagine being able to see your “before and after” results with Vectra XT while comparing them side by side and at multiple angles during your initial consultation. At Ocean Plastic Surgery, P.A., we offer this state-of-the-art innovation which has revolutionized the consultation process. See the potential results of your procedure with Vectra XT in Ocean County.

Vectra XT Advantages

Vectra is an advanced form of three-dimensional photography with revolutionary technology that allows you to preview what you might look like with a breast augmentation, body contouring, or facial procedures. The sharp definition of its images allows patients to see even the smallest details.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone who wants to view the potential results of the procedure they are considering can use Vectra XT imaging. Those who wish to have a better understanding of their potential results can benefit from this imaging technology.

Vectra XT imaging works best for those who want to be confident in their desired outcome before finalizing their procedure. Patients can experiment with different simulated procedures until they get their desired prospective results.

Your Consult: Your Breast, Body or Face in 3D

  1. Your experience begins with a Vectra 3D picture session after meeting Dr. Small to discuss your goals and desires.
  2. The Vectra XT imaging machine will take several photos of your body from various angles simultaneously.
  3. What you are looking to achieve will be simulated in 3 dimensions to demonstrate possible results. You will be able to try different looks until you find the one you want.
  4. Because your result is in 3D, it can be rotated and viewed at multiple angles with the “before and after” results. The 3D rendering can be adjusted to make the changes that best suit your cosmetic goals.

Visual And Animation Comparison

Body Contouring

Face Contouring

Facial Evaluation and Laser Skincare

Breast Augmentation

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Are you excited about seeing the images from Vectra XT in Ocean County so you can develop a better idea of your potential results? Contact Ocean Plastic Surgery today to book your informative consultation.