When considering cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, you’ll want to take your time researching your options in order to get the best possible outcome. The decision isn’t always easy, so before you decide on which breast augmentation options to choose, take a look at our list of breast implant options pros and cons.

Silicone Gel Implants

Silicone implants are a popular choice that are filled with an elastic gel that gives the look of natural breast tissue.


  • Most natural-looking implant option
  • Implant rippling is less likely compared to saline implants
  • Augmentation is a long-term solution


  • A longer incision is required since the implants are pre-filled before insertion
  • Possibility of leakage or rupture

Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants

One of the more popular breast implant options, also known as a gummy bear implant, is filled with a more cohesive gel that makes them thicker and firmer than regular silicone implants.


  • Better long-term shape and performance
  • Available in both round and teardrop shapes
  • Lower rates of rippling and rupture than regular silicone gel and saline implants


  • Slightly longer incision is required for placement
  • Teardrop shape is commonly more expensive

Saline Implants

Today, saline implants are less popular than silicone but are able to be filled at the time of surgery to allow for minor modifications.


  • Slightly smaller incision compared to silicone implants
  • Implant rupture is easy to detect
  • More cost-effective than silicone


  • Feel is slightly firmer and less like natural tissue than silicone implants
  • Implant rupture and rippling are more common
  • Weight of the saline may eventually cause sagging

Go into your breast augmentation surgery with realistic expectations by discussing all your options with your plastic surgeon.

Weighing Your Options

While both saline and silicone implants are considered safe, choosing between the two comes down to your body type, your desired outcome and Dr. Small’s judgment. Discuss what your breast implant options are with Dr. Small along with the pros and cons well in advance so you’re prepared to look and feel your best.