Lipofilling is a procedure that offers dual benefits in body contouring. Isolated fat cells are removed from one area of the body where there is an excess and injected into another area in need of additional volume. This procedure is taking the place of traditional augmentation procedures using implants for many patients, as lipofilling tends to be safer and less invasive than other surgical procedures. We have four reasons you might want to consider lipofilling for your augmentation procedure.

About Lipofilling

Lipofilling uses liposuction techniques to remove unwanted fat from areas of the body like the abdomen or buttocks. Once the fat is removed, it is purified so it can be injected into another area in need of extra volume. Injections may be placed in small areas like the cheeks or jawline, or larger areas like the breasts and buttocks.


Lipofilling is generally considered a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that leaves little, if any, post-procedural scarring. Patients can often have the procedure under local anesthesia, unless a significant amount of fat is to be removed. The liposuction portion of the procedure requires a recovery period of a few days, while fat injections often do not require any downtime.

Creates Smoother Body Contours

Lipofilling allows you to sculpt a smoother contour in one area of the body while creating fuller, more sensuous curves in another. For example, the Brazilian butt lift, a popular type of lipofilling, can smooth away excess fat from the midsection while creating more voluminous buttocks for more feminine curves overall.

Uses Your Own Cells for Augmentation

Instead of placing a synthetic implant into your body tissue, lipofilling uses your body’s own fat cells for the augmentation procedure. This eliminates any concerns about an adverse reaction to the filler material. It can also create a more natural result than synthetic fillers or implants.

Long-Lasting Results

Lipofilling offers long-lasting results in both the area treated with liposuction and the area augmented with the fat transfer. Patients that maintain a healthy weight after the procedure may find their results to be permanent. It is not unusual to lose a percentage of the additional volume in the months following the procedure, so a touch-up treatment is occasionally needed to create the final result the patient wants.

At Ocean Plastic Surgery, Dr. Small can perform lipofilling in a large number of areas. He is experienced in all types of lipofilling procedures, including the popular Brazilian butt lift. To learn more about this procedure, or other options in body contouring, contact Ocean Plastic Surgery at (732) 255-7155.