There’s a lot to think about before your cosmetic surgery consultation. You’ll need to consider the questions you’ll want to ask, all of the information you need to get and, of course, details of the surgery itself. The last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out what to wear. Take clothing off the list of things to worry about with this guide on what to wear to a plastic surgery consultation.

Keep it Comfortable

You don’t need one more thing to be concerned about during your consultation. When you’re deciding what to wear to a plastic surgery consultation, choose something you can be comfortable in. Keep in mind that doctor’s offices can often get a little chilly, so it can be wise to dress in easy, comfortable layers.

Keep it Simple

Your surgical consult is not the time to get creative with your clothing choices. Keep everything simple and easy. Wear undergarments that are easy to take on and off and don’t choose clothes with buttons or hooks that might be difficult to fumble with.

Bring Your “Goal Clothes”

When you’re getting ready for your consultation, consider bringing along some of your “goal clothes” — the items of clothing that you want to look your best in after surgery. Bringing a bra or bikini top can be especially helpful in deciding sizing for a breast augmentation surgery.

There’s no need to overthink or fret about what to wear to a plastic surgery consultation. Keep your clothing simple and comfortable and you can’t go wrong.