If you have undergone bariatric surgery to help you lose weight, you probably had high hopes for what your body would look like once you reached your target weight. While the scale may say you are considerably lighter, one look in the mirror confirms your worst fears – your new body contour is still far from ideal. Loose skin did not effectively conform to your new contour and isolated pockets of fact will not go away despite your persistent diet and exercise efforts. If you are discouraged with the results of your bariatric surgery, Dr. Small can help with customized post-bariatric reconstruction procedures designed just for you.

What is Included in Post-Bariatric Surgery? 

Post-bariatric surgery may include many different procedures, based on your specific needs. Some procedures can be performed together in a single surgery, but it often takes more than one surgery to address all of the concerns you might have. Some common procedures included in this reconstruction are:

  • Tummy tuck – the more frequently performed post-bariatric procedure tightens up abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and tissue from the midsection
  • Thigh lift – removes excess skin from the thigh to create a smoother upper leg contour
  • Buttock lift – removes excess skin and restores youthful positioning to the backside
  • Upper arm lift – eliminates excess skin from underneath the upper arm that resembles bat wings
  • Breast enhancement – might include a breast lift to reposition sagging breasts or breast reduction to bring breasts in proportion to the new body contour

Advantages of Post-Bariatric Surgery 

While post-bariatric surgery may involve a considerable investment of time and money, the advatnages of this surgery are numerous:

  • Sleeker body contour allows you to wear smaller clothing sizes comfortably
  • Removal of excess skin eliminates painful skin rashes and irritation
  • Results of body contouring are dramatic and long-lasting
  • Surgery can improve a person’s self-confidence after significant weight loss

Making a Plan

Post-bariatric surgery is a commitment that often involves more than one procedure before results are fully achieved. Between procedures, there must be ample time to allow the body to heal completely before undergoing another surgery. In some cases, facial procedures may be performed to complement the results of the post-bariatric surgery, such as a neck lift or brow lift.

At Ocean Plastic Surgery, Dr. Small works with each patient on an individual basis to create a plan that fits each person’s unique needs and desired outcome. Dr. Small and his staff will support you through every step of your process, to ensure you end up with the best possible results. To learn more about options in post-bariatric surgery, contact Ocean Plastic Surgery at (732) 255-7155.