You’ve made the decision to have a laser skin treatment to rejuvenate your skin and restore a more vibrant or youthful appearance. But what should you do to help your skin recover from the treatment and promote optimal healing and results? While the exact care depends on the specific treatment you’ll have, these general tips can help you make sure you know what to do after laser treatment.

Follow Your After-Care Instructions

After laser skin treatments, your skin may be red, highly sensitive and feel like it is sunburned. It may become very dry and even peel. You will receive after-care instructions on how to clean your skin and what to use to keep the skin moist. Moisture is an essential element of the healing process and your instructions may include applying topicals ointments to promote and lock in moisture.

Say NO to the Sun

Chances are you may have been instructed to avoid sun exposure for a couple months before your laser skin treatment to reduce the risk of irregular pigmentation. But avoiding the sun becomes even more important after your treatment. Your newly treated skin is very sensitive to UV exposure so you will burn or even blister more easily. This can result in permanent scarring or infection. IF you are planning time out in the sun, keep your face covered or use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30.

Taking care of your skin and avoiding sun exposure after laser skin treatments will help your skin heal and help deliver your new vibrant appearance that will have heads turning.

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