Your facial is more than an hour of pampering – it is an investment into the healthy appearance of your skin. Make that investment even more valuable by practicing proper skin care after your treatment is completed. The right post-treatment skin care will enhance and extend the results of your professional facial, giving you the biggest bang for your treatment buck. Ocean Plastic Surgery has some simple tips that will ensure your results are both successful and long-lasting.

Treat Your Skin Gently

During a facial, your skin goes through a rigorous cleansing and treatment process. After the procedure, it is important to treat your complexion with great care to avoid irritating the skin unnecessarily. Avoid exfoliating cleansers and opt instead for gentle foam or cream cleansers that will remove dirt and impurities without making the skin more sensitive. Ask your esthetician for recommendations on skin care formulations that will complement your facial treatment, enhancing your results rather than causing irritation and sensitivity.

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

Heavy makeup may counter some of the positive results of your facial, by clogging newly opened pores and interfering with the active ingredients left behind by the treatment. Avoid makeup and instead sport your new, natural glow that was likely achieved by your procedure. If you are planning your facial ahead of a big event, give your skin a few days between the procedure and the occasion to breathe and allow vital nutrients to be absorbed into underlying skin layers.

Avoid Steam and Sweat

Your pores opened up during your facial to allow for deep cleansing of your skin. Avoid activities that could further open pores or clog them in the first few days after your treatment. Steam and sweat could lead to damage to the open pores, including broken capillaries or skin sensitivity. In addition the heat from a sauna or physical exertion could strip away the positive glow your facial left behind.

Leave Pimples Alone

It is not unusual to experience a pimple or two after a facial. While it might be tempting to pick or squeeze the blemish, this action will mar your results. Instead, wait until the pimple rises fully to the surface and then pay your esthetician a follow-up visit for a safe and effective extraction.

Up Your Hydration Level

Once your skin has been treated, give it all the hydration it needs with ample water consumption after your procedure. We recommend 8-12 glasses of water daily, along with a nutrient-rich diet that includes hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables. At the same time, avoid substances like caffeine and alcohol that can dehydrate your complexion.

Protect, Protect, Protect

Recently treated skin is particularly vulnerable to damage from the sun, so make sure to protect your skin sufficiently using a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. It is best to avoid the sun entirely for the first day or two following your facial if possible, so give yourself a bit of time between your treatment and your beach vacation. Ask your esthetician for a sunscreen recommendation the will offer adequate protection without placing unnecessary chemicals on the skin to cause irritation and clog pores.

Your facial is designed to bring your inner glow to the surface and minimize a host of skin concerns. Make the most of your treatment by following these tips after your procedure. To learn more, contact Ocean Plastic Surgery at (732) 255-7155.