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Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Lift

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Blepharoplasty / Eyelid LiftYour eyes are often the first area of your face to show your true age. You feel young, but your eyes begin to betray you, as the skin starts to sag, bags may form under the eyes, and lines and wrinkles show up out of nowhere. An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) in Ocean County, NJ, is a great surgical procedure to restore your eyes to the way they looked in the past.

Dr. Small’s approach to eyelid surgery is to give you a natural look that helps you look younger without the procedure itself being detectable.

An eyelid lift can be performed on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. It corrects drooping upper or lower eyelids, puffiness, and undereye bags.

The Eyelid Lift Procedure

Blepharoplasty is usually performed with the patient under sedation and a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. Like most cosmetic surgeries, it’s an outpatient procedure, so you can go home the same day.

Dr. Small customizes every eyelid lift to give you optimal results. For an upper eyelid lift, he places the incision in the eyelid crease where it will be hidden. Excess skin and fat are then removed for a younger, naturally tighter look.

For a lower eyelid lift, Dr. Small might place the incision inside the lower eyelid or right at the line of the eyelashes. Either way, no one will be able to see the scar. If there is excess fat in the form of an eye bag, he removes that tissue and tightens the area, if necessary, to make your eyes look younger.

If your case isn’t too complex, both lower and upper blepharoplasty can be done in as little as an hour.

The staff is amazing and Dr. Small is great! He has changed my life completely! I would definitely recommend Dr. Small for ant procedure!
by Diane J.

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Recovering from an Eyelid Lift

Your eyes will be dry, but you might also experience some tearing. You will experience some soreness, bruising, and swelling for a week or two. You can take pain medication and use cold compresses to ease the discomfort, and keeping your head elevated will also make your recovery time easier. You will be given eye drops as well to speed healing.

Dr. Small will keep a close watch on your progress and will tell you everything you need to know to heal fast and well. This will include avoiding certain things like alcohol, contact lenses, hairdryers, curling irons, and exercise for a little while. You will also need to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks. Stitches used in eyelid surgery usually dissolve on their own.

Candidates for an Eyelid Lift

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for an eyelid lift is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen Small. During your consultation, Dr. Small perform an assessment of your eyelids and your overall facial features and ask about your medical history to determine if an eyelid lift is the best choice for you. Ideal candidates are in good physical health and have realistic expectations.

How Much Does an Eyelid Lift Cost?

The cost of an eyelid lift in Ocean County, NJ, varies from patient to patient and depends on the extent of correction involved. Dr. Small will develop your unique surgical plan and discuss the associated costs during your consultation.

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Complementary Procedures with Blepharoplasty

If you also have signs of aging on the lower third of your face, you may wish to also have a facelift to better match the younger look of your eyes. A brow lift may be done concurrently or in place of an eyelid lift if the eyebrows have begun to sag or if you have forehead creases.

Dr. Small also sometimes recommends injectables such as Botox or dermal fillers like Juvederm shortly after an eyelid lift to take care of any remaining fine lines.

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