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Covid 19 Update

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Keeping You Safe During The Corona Virus Pandemic

We are creating a safe environment for you, our employees and community during this difficult time.

We are including CoronaVirus testing for many of our cosmetic and laser treatments.

What to Expect During Your Visit:

We do not recommend CoronaVirus testing for everyone especially those with limited evaluations where social distancing can be relatively be maintained.

For evaluations or treatments where social distancing will be compromised for a limited amount of time we will be offering an N95 mask at our clinical discretion.

Cosmetic treatments around the face where a mask can not be maintained as well as other cosmetic and laser treatments we will be offering Corona Virus testing.

What is CoronaVirus testing?

We have teamed up with a CLIA certified lab that is FDA approved to test for the Corona Virus. This test being used to detect whether or not you have the virus. This is not an antibody test. The antibody test can not confirm that you have the corona virus but rather if you were possibly exposed to the virus or another type of corona virus.

With a negative test you, other patients and our staff can be reassured that your treatment is being performed to give you the best result but also as safely as possible.

How We Perform The Test:

A simple nasal swab, just inside your nose is taken. This test is then sent to the lab and through a patient protected HIPPA portal we will obtain you result. The result will be available in about 48 hrs. A negative test give us the confidence in providing a safe treatment and if it is positive Dr.Small will coordinate your care with your primary care physician so you have a quick recovery.