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Breast Lift

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Breast LiftGravity is an unpleasant reality as we age, causing skin and other tissue on the body and breast to droop and sag. When it happens to the breasts, it can progress so that they begin to look deflated or the nipples point downward. This is a frequent problem after pregnancy and breastfeeding or after substantial weight loss. In some cases, it’s simply genetic and happens to women who are still quite young.

A breast lift or mastopexy can raise your breasts and nipples higher on the chest so that the youthfulness of your breasts is restored, clothes fit better, and you feel more confident. Dr. Small has many years of experience providing his patients with successful breast lifts. During the procedure, he can reshape your breasts so that they are rounder, and he can make the areolas (the area around the nipples) smaller, if you like.

Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift

A breast lift is an excellent solution for women who desire perkier, more youthful breasts. During your consultation, we will perform an assessment of your body and discuss your medical history along with your expectations. Using this information, we will determine your candidacy for the breast lift surgery.

Preparing for a Breast Lift Procedure

There are some pre-surgical instructions that you will need to follow in the time leading up to the breast lift. It’s important that you stick to the instructions we provide as they play a vital part in ensuring you achieve the best results possible.

In the 1 – 2 weeks leading up to the surgery, you should avoid smoking, drinking, and certain medications that are known to cause blood thinning. Both tobacco and alcohol are known to trigger inflammation in the body, which can cause severe pain post-surgery in combination with the physical effects of the procedure.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lifts are usually done with the patient under anesthesia. The incisions might be placed under the breast’s natural crease, in a vertical line from the bottom of the breast to the areolas, and/or around the areolas. There will be visible scars, but they can be hidden under clothes and will fade over time.

During the surgery, Dr. Small removes any excess tissue and repositions the breasts and nipples to the desired position, reshaping the breasts and areolas as well, if necessary, to achieve the look you want. Every effort is made to maintain as much nipple sensation as possible.

Dr. Small has many years of experience providing his patients with amazing results through breast enhancement procedures. During your consultation, he will walk you through the procedure and allow you to “try on” different breast sizes and shapes through the use of Vectra XT 3D imaging. With this technology, you can rest assured that you will be happy with the outcome of your surgery.

I think Dr. Small is A FABULOUS Doctor!!! I went with a friend and have was Very Caring and straight to the point!!! I’d recommend Dr. Small to My Family Members as a matter of fact I have an appointment with him within the next week & I’m looking forward to Meeting with him and discussing My Case ASAP!!!
by Annie K.

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Recovering from a Breast Lift

Recovering from a breast lift usually takes 7-14 days. You will feel sore, and there will be some swelling and bruising, as well as tightness around the incisions. You can take pain medication and apply cold compresses while you heal.

After undergoing a breast lift procedure, it is important that you take time to rest and relax as you heal. Make sure to have a support system that allows you to relax as much as possible during the recovery period.

Dr. Small will keep a close watch on your progress and will tell you everything you need to know to heal fast and well. This will include avoiding certain things like alcohol, hair dryers, curling irons, and exercise for a little while. You will also need to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks.

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Complementary Procedures with a Breast Lift

If you are dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, or if the breast tissue has deflated, breast implants (breast augmentation) can restore roundness to the breasts and increase their fullness. Breast enhancement and a breast lift are frequently performed simultaneously.

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