One in five adults in the U. S. have some type of body ink, according to a Harris Interactive Poll taken in 2012. As tattoos continue to rise in popularity, the desire to remove body ink has also risen. The same poll found that around 14 percent of those who get a tattoo experience “tattoo remorse,” or the desire to get rid of the ink at some point in their lives. Fortunately, those that regret their body art now have effective, minimally-invasive methods for removing it, using the latest in laser technology.

Reasons behind Tattoo Removal

There are a number of reasons why adults might want to have their tattoos removed today. Women that got tattoos during their single years may not be as comfortable with the ink once they get married and have children. For some, lifestyle changes may lead them to want to remove their body art, particularly if it sports the name of an ex or an activity no longer enjoyed. Job restrictions also prompt many to seek tattoo removal, to make them more competitive in the marketplace. For those that decide they no longer want their body art, laser tattoo removal is a relatively safe, effective option.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Lasers emit focused light energy that can penetrate the surface of the skin without incisions or skin trauma. This energy works below the skin’s surface to break up the pigment of the body ink into small fragments that can be eliminated easily by natural body processes. The procedure can be performed using a topical anesthetic and there is no downtime after the procedure.

Laser tattoo removal is less painful than traditional methods of tattoo removal like sanding. There is also a lower risk of complications and scarring with this procedure. Patients are usually very satisfied with the results – even if a tattoo cannot be removed completely, it can be faded to the point where it is barely noticeable for most patients. The most current lasers are efficient at removing even the most stubborn colors, such as greens and blues, and even work well on fresh tattoos.

Multiple Treatment Sessions

Laser tattoo removal is not completed in a single treatment session. Body ink fades slowly, over time, and larger tattoos may take as many as 15 treatment sessions before desired results are achieved. Smaller tattoos may only take 3-6 treatment sessions to remove. While going through tattoo removal treatment, it is important to avoid sun exposure to the treated area. The skin also needs to be kept very clean and a special ointment will need to be applied daily to promote healing of the area.

Dr. Small has successfully removed a large number of tattoos through laser therapy. During your personal consultation, he will assess your body ink and determine how many appointments you may need to achieve desired results. To learn more, contact Ocean Plastic Surgery at (732) 255-7155.