While most people seek facial plastic surgery to make themselves look and feel younger, there is another underlying benefit that may accompany those procedures. According to a recent Georgetown University study, enhancing your looks with plastic surgery may also affect the personality traits you are presenting to those around you. The findings in this study go beyond the basic aesthetic, anti-aging benefits to something much deeper; your “likeability” factor to others.

Our tendency to make snap judgments about others may not be accurate or even ethical, but it is a very real social dynamic in our society. We may see those with chronic forehead creases as worriers, or those with a drooping brow line as shifty or untrustworthy. At the same time, positive features like a strong nose or prominent chin might indicate someone who is strong and reliable.

Personality Traits Focus of Study

These snap judgments were precisely what Dr. Michael Reilly and his colleagues from Georgetown were focused on when they conducted their recent study. The researchers showed people photographs of women before or after different facial plastic surgeries, including face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery and chin augmentation. The subjects were asked to rate the women based on eight traits: social skills, likeability, attractiveness, femininity, trustworthiness, aggressiveness, extroversion, and risk seeking.

Four of the traits, social skills, likeability, attractiveness and femininity, appeared to be directly associated with the women’s appearance. Subjects consistently rated the women who had facial plastic surgery higher in all four of these categories. The other four traits did not appear to be directly impacted by the women’s changes to their appearance.

Changed Appearance, Changed Perceptions?

Researchers concluded from their findings that changes to appearance to more than improve our looks, they can also change how others perceive us. Whether those perceptions are right, wrong or even remotely accurate is beside the point. The bottom line is according to this study, plastic surgery may do more than simply nip and tuck away the signs of aging.

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