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PicoResolve® Skin Rejuvenation

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Add to your skin’s beauty with a PicoWay® treatment. This is a whole new way to get smooth, soft skin with a more balanced even tone and color. Older and younger skin can be rejuvenated so you can look your best. It is truly new beauty at the speed of light.

We are the first to offer this groundbreaking treatment in Ocean County and one of a few practices in all of New Jersey.

PicoWay® is a revolutionary picosecond laser which delivers laser light in a picosecond or one trillionth of a second. What this means for the beauty of your skin is fast, effective, safe treatments, which can be used to enhance all skin colors.

Traditionally, fractional treatments with a C02 laser are used and these treatments are still great for severely sun damaged skin but the downside of these treatment are the prolonged healing, due to the disruption in the top layer of your skin, of about a week and a more painful treatment.

PicoWay® works by giving you a fractional treatment but in a completely new and incredible way. The PicoWay® ultrafast pico-laser light beam is holographically fractionated (separated) to rejuvenate your skin. We call this treatment PicoResolve®.

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The PicoResolve® fractional skin treatments regenerate new collagen and elastin to your skin. This laser fractional treatment can target the top layer or second layer of your skin; this creates a skin regenerating response to your skin by the laser light itself, the vibration of the laser light signaling other cells to start skin renewal and initiate other cells to start signaling the regeneration of new beautiful skin. It is truly amazing ! We are excited to be able to offer this treatment.

The best part about these treatments is that they do not effect the top layer of the skin which means NO downtime and less discomfort. In fact, treatments can be done every 2 -4 weeks with a nice improvement seen on average after two treatments. We recommend at least 4 treatments for optimal skin rejuvenation but some patients look to improve further with a series of 6 treatments. The average treatment time is about 15-20 minutes.

PicoResolve® fractional is the only picotreatment that can target the top layer and middle layer of the skin and this unique combination gives us the flexibility to individualize your treatment which will smooth fine lines, soften any roughed texture and even your skin tone by removing blemishes and brown spots.

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