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Pico Tattoo Removal


Eliminate your tattoo the  PicoWay®.  PicoWay® is a revolutionary tattoo removal  laser which delivers laser light in an ultra-short pico second to shatter your tattoo away.

We are the first to offer this groundbreaking treatment in Ocean County and one of a few practices in all of New Jersey.

How is a  PicoWay®  tattoo treatment different ?

Tattoo lasers deliver light energy to fragment your tattoo ink. How that light is delivered makes all the difference; either with a nanosecond laser (a billionth of a second) or in a picosecond ( a trillionth of a second) with the PicoWay® laser. The PicoWay®laser is  100 times faster which  blasts apart an ink molecule just by the impact. A nanosecond laser is slower and it generates heat predominantly to eliminate a tattoo.  The difference between the two lasers is astounding.

With  PicoWay®  you will need  fewer treatments, have more complete elimination of your tattoo , less discomfort and better safety.

Tattoo removal requires a series of treatments at 6-8 week intervals. The time between treatments is needed as the tattoo is naturally eliminated by the  body.

Are Pico treatments more expensive ?

Pico treatments are more affordable than you think while generally taking fewer sessions to remove a tattoo.

PicoWay® -We believe that this is the best tattoo removal laser

Treatment available

Actual treatments may take more or less treatment sessions.  The number of treatments depends on many factor such as: the type of ink, the amount of ink, the number of colors and the size of the tattoo.

Example:  A typical 4 inch by 4 inch tattoo

Cost / Treatment $225 $450
Total treatments at 8 week intervals 12 6
Time to complete removal 2 years 1 year
Total Cost $2,700 $2,700

Individual results may vary. This case is illustrative only and is not a guarantee of results or number of treatments.

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